Youth Volunteer Program

2022 Program

Keep an eye here for information on the 2022 program details. Contact for more information.

2021 Program

This program has been suspended due to COVID-19

2020 Program

Our presentation was cancelled due to COVID restrictions but we honoured 14 outstanding honourees individually. Congratulations to Garret Micks, Avery Wyant, Rachael Wright, Sophie Charlebois, Amaani Sahib, Katie Bell, Matheson Ebel, Adam Reid, Mony Madiol, Seth Townshend, Nate Appleton, Lydia Farag, Eric Trudell and Kristianna Toth. Have a look at their biographies and more

You can get information from the chair of the committee at

Front Row: Kate Martin (Notre Dame School), Maia Ivanisevic (Matthews Hall School), Arielle Tucker (Ecole Marie-Curie), Clora Bang (Oakridge Presbyterian Church), Noor Farooqi (Eagle Heights School), April Pinch (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

Back Row: Erin Kirwin (Riverside United Church), Mustfah Madlol (Oakridge Secondary School), Jude Dieleman (London Christian Academy), Nicholas Gutierrez-Moreno (Holy Family Parish), Caelan Parker (70th London Scout Group), Mac Stanley (West London Alliance Church), Sam Humphrey (Clara Brenton School), Iain Stevenson (St. Aidan’s Anglican Church), Pierre Ibrahim (St. Paul’s Coptic Orthodox Church) .

Missing from photo: Julia Alias (St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School) and Isaac Metron (Oakridge Optimist Baseball).

2019 Program

Our 4th annual Youth Volunteer Recognition Program presentation was a tremendous success. The evening had many highlights ranging from our mayor, Ed Holder, handing out certificates on behalf of the city to one of our recipients performing an original song. The night finished off with one of our recipients, Mustfah Madlol, being our guest speaker. It was a true celebration of our youth in our community. We celebrated the accomplishments of 17 phenomenal young people. Click here to see the booklet.

Congratulations to all. Front row from left Abdullah Al-Jarad, Tyne Townshend, Mackenzie Carvalho, Allison Duncan, Sarah Cupit, Sarah Bignell, Andria Gioiosa. Back row from left Sophie Hersey, Olivia Gioiosa, MaddieMcCready, Emma Wilton, Athena Bikas, Anya Goulem, Sara El-Laham, Marcus Robinson, Jack Goettling, Owen Davies, Adele St. John. Unable to attend the ceremony and not pictured was Matthew Wright.

2018 Program

We celebrated the activities and achievements of 19 young people in the Oakridge community on April 25th, 2018 at Innovation Works. Our guest speaker was Glen Pearson of the London Food Bank. Each nominee was listed with a brief biography in our brochure, was given a framed certificate of recognition and a donation was made by our club in their name to a charity of their choice. Click here to see the booklet.

Front row: Dahlia Sullivan (John Dearness School), Katie King (56th Pathfinders), Emma Kirwin (Riverside United Church), Kennedy Porter (St. Paul School), Cara Suggett (Oakridge Optimist Soccer).

Back row (standing): Mazlynne Wilbee (Clara Brenton School), Anne Sullivan (Ecole Marie-Curie), Luqman Kharrat (London Muslim Mosque), Nathan Mitchell (West London Alliance Church), Nicholas La Forge (Oakridge Optimist Baseball), Justyn Reid (Oakridge Presbyterian Church), Het Mehta (Oakridge Secondary School), Nooraiz Noorani (Matthews Hall), Taryn Soper (Riverside School), Laura Flynn (Holy Family Parish), Emma Chaddock (Notre Dame School).

Missing from photo: Eiffie Cahill (St. Aidan's Anglican Church), Kamil Kata (St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary School). Click here to see the booklet.

2017 program

Our second event was held on April 26, 2017 and we recognized 18 young volunteers from the Oakridge community.

Congratulations to Tyler, Yardy, Laurel Batch, Luis Neves, Rebecca Myette, Tasha Buckley, Owen Thompson, Kathleen Ward, Ryan Theoret, Evan Malcomson, Varun Shah, Jaden Arnold, Hassan Yusuf, Christopher Veilleux, Amanda Keys, Spencer Jeffreys, Annaliesa Hughes and Tim Magwood. The Oakridge Optimist Club made a $350 donation to the charity of choice for each honouree. You can learn a little more about each of them and their volunteer efforts by looking at the attached booklet.

2016 Program

We held our first event to honour 17 young members of our community for their outstanding volunteer activity at a ceremony at FireRock Golf Club on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.

What is the purpose of the program?

To recognize youth in our community who volunteer and contribute to the betterment of our community, our nation or our world.

Who is eligible to be recognized as a youth volunteer?

Any youth registered and active in a school, sporting organization, church or other organization in the Oakridge Optimist Club's catchment area.

How is the selection of your candidate made?

The Oakridge Optimist Club has reached out to several schools, churches and organizations. Each organization is asked to select one youth that is currently registered and who is active as a volunteer in any capacity.

What type of recognition is given to each person selected?

Each youth will receive a recognition certificate, an invitation to a recognition celebration with two guests at no charge and will be asked to identify one charitable organization to receive a donation from the Oakridge Optimist Club.

Where and when will this recognition occur?

The presentations are made at a suitable venue during National Volunteers' Week in April each year.

What types of organizations will be considered for a donation?

The Oakridge Optimist Club will make a donation to any organization identified by the selected youth. Ideally, it will benefit youth in the area of health, recreation, safety or education.

How can I get more information about this program?

Contact the committee chair by email at